# Start Node


The GNY docker image will be pulled from dockerhub repository gnyio/node (opens new window)

# With Docker

To get up and running you will need to create a docker-compose.yml file.

Create a new file docker-compose.yml:

touch docker-compose.yml

Copy the following content into your docker-compose.yml file and change the environment variables:

Edit docker-compose.yml file

In order to make the docker-compose.yml file work you need to edit the following properties:

Property Description Formatting tips
GNY_PUBLIC_IP=214.42... replace with your public ip don't double quote public ip
GNY_SECRET=health typical... twelve word BIP39 (opens new window) forging secret - don't double quote your secret
GNY_P2P_SECRET="CAASqgkwggSm..." libp2p (opens new window) secret double quote value

See Configure for more details.

Now start both services (db1, node1) with:

sudo docker-compose up --detach


For information on how to forge Blocks see configure

# Result

This will start a GNY Blockchain.

simple node with ports

This node will later connect to other nodes on the network.